What makes you earn more here by your experience?

By Bala
@balasri (26553)
November 17, 2007 8:36pm CST
Posting discussions,responding to other's discussions or replying to the responses of your discussions.I am just inquisitive.
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@Rozie37 (15503)
• Turkmenistan
18 Nov 07
In my opinion, you make the most by starting your own decussions. You make less or the same by responding. I don't know for sure if you make anything for responding to your responders, but I am not sure. Why don't you give your opinion, just curious.
@balasri (26553)
• India
18 Nov 07
What I do is I keep opening new discussions,reply earnestly all the responses possible and then search for the people's discussions who all replied to me out of decency and respond to them.Then I go for the other ones and respond.That is what I usually do. One thing is for sure .Mylot kis not givng like before. And the solace is I have crossed the level of worrying about it because of my great friends here.
@elemental69 (1562)
• Ireland
20 Nov 07
I would have to say that I would earn more by responding to discussions. Most of the time I wouldnt know what type of discussion to start, but I have promised myself that I am going to set aside a night that I am going to start discussions and maybe I might have a good of it!!! :-)
• India
19 Nov 07
Hello Bala, LOL i guess i do all the above! but mostly its replying to discussions of friends. By the time i finish that i am done for the day. If i have something interesting i start a discussion and make sure i reply to everyone who answers!
@joyce959 (1562)
• Philippines
19 Nov 07
In my case, I seldom post my own discussion. I usually respond to the topics that have been posted here. I find it easy to respond than to write topics and discuss about it. So I earn more by responding. Other myLotters post their own discussion more than responding, so they earn more in that way. So its a case to case basis, depending on what you often do here.
@Mirita (2668)
• United States
19 Nov 07
I think posting discussions makes you earn more ,but I have been so busy lately that I usually only answer to discussions.
@goodsign (2287)
• Malaysia
18 Nov 07
Hi & Hello, my friend Balasri. I could not elaborate the exact explanation and data summary for this case but always analyzed on day-to-day basis for those three (3) categories of earnings; participation, photo and referral. My profound learnings and experiences summarized the QUALITY posted discussion as 'starter' or QUALITY response as 'responder' will be the answer, where it returns was more than 1 cent for each. For photo we must upload it on our started discussion through "interest", to get more than the basic pay. Whereas about referral it has been fixed 25 percent (25%) from their participation's earning ONLY, and neither from their photo's earning nor sub-ordinated referral. HAPPY DAPPY.