Does online games affect the studies of the students nowadays?

November 18, 2007 12:00am CST
Based on my experience, students nowadays doesn't go to school but rather go in a Cafe to play online games. How could the student successfully finish their studies earlier since they are not going in school regularly?
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@liam20 (3)
• Indonesia
28 Nov 07
I predict school is not place of is sigle to look for science, anywhere we can look for it even in the word of sure game there is its benafit, though a little, posible, they require the existence of refreshing
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@dpk262006 (56170)
• Delhi, India
28 Nov 07
I agree with you that online games divert students' attention from their studies. They tend to feel more attracted towards virtual games, which I think, is not going to help them in the long run. Good Post!
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@zeroflashx2 (2491)
• Philippines
28 Nov 07
Definitely agree to that one. Here, students affect their homework, their studies, projects, etc. It would be hard to make sense out of them so let us take the responsibility and help them out. We won't take gaming away from them, just help them manage their time well. :)
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@Verity (851)
20 Nov 07
Yes, it does affect when the study is jeopardized. The role of a student is to go to the school and to study; not to go to the cafe just to play online games. Playing online games or whatever kind of games must be given a time preference probably during weekend not on school days.
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@khateya (265)
• Australia
18 Nov 07
to me yes, it really affect the study of young people if there is not control. one may take at least 2 hours sitting in front of computer to play the online game. there should be a neat control on how they should spend their tiem.
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• China
22 Dec 07
of cause affect.most of students can not control their time spend on the online games.
@meatiitr (365)
• India
20 Dec 07
Hi z1mzAm.. welcome to mylot. Yeah I agree with your idea that online gaming do mar the studies of students and many students today get distracted by the glamor of the gaming world.I myself have seen many of very bright students ruining their career because of gaming. I think one need to strike proper balance between gaming and studies.
• United States
20 Dec 07
Online Gaming DEFINITELY effects students. In my personal experience, in high school, i stuck with Console games (at the time N64, Playstaion, Sega Genesis, etc.). The console games affected my studying a little, BUT in college when i started to play World of Warcraft, it was effected greatly. I failed 2 courses :-(. I lost control, i became addicted. If you can control it, then you should be ok, If not ????
@benjrets (217)
• Indonesia
28 Nov 07
its all depend on themselves, its ok to play games but not to excessive
@dude09 (94)
• Malaysia
28 Nov 07
It's really sad, but it all really come down to self-discipline... On-line game is very addictive, but study is not... Maybe we should move the Internet Cafe into the school & reward students that got good grades, like Moola!