What is your dream?

@mari123 (1862)
November 18, 2007 1:07am CST
To have a dream is very necessary. This is my aim. It`s my stimulus to live, to work hard, to fight for my dream. Every person should find his dream and go to it. And he will reach his(her) dream. At one wonderful time.do you agree,please give some opinion on dream.
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@brandy78 (159)
• Canada
18 Nov 07
I agree I think we need to dreams to keep us going. To give us a something bigger then day to day life to strive for. My dream is to own a ranch and run an animal shelter. Another dream of mine is to see my kids grow up to be successful and run their own businesses although I am sure I will have to edit my dream because they will have their own. I think that if we don't set ourselves goals and ambitions that makes us feel fulfilled and happy we are merely existing and it seems such a waste when we have been given this great gift of life. I also think that if more people had dreams of happiness it would be a much more peaceful world. Thanks for posting this topic its a good one and gives me food for thought and also a well needed shove to be more pro active about achieving my dreams in life.