November 18, 2007 9:02am CST
I'm from Ancona (Italy) and i support this football team Ancona Calcio in Serie c1. We've a good team this year and i think we will fight to conquer the serie B! The leaders of the team did a project with CENTRO SPORTIVO ITALIANO tied with Vatican Church to play a role of sportive and fairplay in this hard world of football...i think it could be a good idea to make respect a idealogical way of think football. It could be a good maneer to make football back to be a sport and not a wide business like it is going to become in these days. I think you can find a video in the bbc site searching for ancona and vatican to make better an idea of the project if you're interested. Support our little but strong team ;) Forza Biancorossi!!!!!!!!!
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