Is there a way to gain money just by seling ideas?

November 18, 2007 12:02pm CST
i mean that i have a long experience in finance and i'd like to share my strategies that i've been developping for years and gaining some extra money for that, so is there a way to work with a company for example from USA or england or having just a training periode by working online just by internet
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2 responses
• Jordan
18 Nov 07
why don't you use these ideas to earn money for yourself instead of selling them !
• France
18 Nov 07
we can't earn money if we don't have small sum to begin a business i hope that u do understand what i mean!!!
• United States
18 Nov 07
you should write your own ebooks and sell them on ebay or your own site.
20 Nov 07
i agree with this... there are many schemes on the internet where people pay lots just to have money making help themself!
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