Love Stories? Tell us your favorite Love story?Share your favorite memories...

@lilyruth (724)
United States
October 28, 2006 3:29pm CST
What is your favorite Love Story?Tell us was it the one that got away? Was it your first time? You must have memories of one special love among all the rest? Tell us about one of your most favorite moments, even if he or she is no longer in your life, Im sure you still carry the memories so share your modern romance and tell us your favorite Love story...
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• Romania
12 Sep 07
i have a romantic story to tell you. i 'met' Christie early one Friday evening in an Internet chat room.She was American,and i was completly charmed by her.We began emailing each other immediately.The first few days of our correspondce were wonderful,and although it felt such that we already knew each other,there were still lots of things to find out. As the days became weeks,t realised i was falling in love with her.Soon we found that we were spending a fortune on phone bills,and so we decided that we had to meet.She was at college and couldn't aford to come to England,so i flew out to New York.It was incredibly romantic.As i walked into the arrivals departament at Kennedy Airport our eyes contacted,and even though we had never exchanged photographs we immediatly recognise each other. We just talked and talked for a week.our relationship felt perfect,but we both knew that if it was going to work one of us would need to accept the ideea of moving to the other part of the world.In the end,we tearfully decided that it was not possible,and we broke up.We still write and talk on the phone from time to time,and i think of Christie as one of my dearest friends.
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@lilyruth (724)
• United States
23 Sep 07
This is a beautiful Love story and Im happy that you shared it with us I only wih the rest of the members in mylot would have also shared some of their stories with us but maybe its because they have no love in their lives or maybe they just do not wish to discuss it in public. Anyway I gave you a big + and thanks, Im happy to know tht yu and her are still the best of friends..