How Do You Get Over Artist Block?

United States
November 18, 2007 3:36pm CST
I know many people have this problem while drawing, I know I get it all the time. It seems to come from lack of inspiration.. or simply just being bored with your style of drawing. I'd like to share some of my methods to overcome it. It's quite annoying when you sometimes want to draw, but you have no ideas for what. Or maybe you even promised a friend that you'd draw something for them and you just can't. Here's some ideas that might help: 1: Maybe you're just bored with what ever it is you draw on. Do you use paper, tablet, other? You might not even know you're bored with it. Try drawing on different things. Such as the dirt. Grab a stick and just doodle in it, make a HUGE picture. It doesn't have to be very detailed and it's fun. Or go find some flat rocks and draw on them with another rock. You could even try using your computer mouse to draw if you havn't. Try paper if it's something you don't usually use. Look into make-up art on you or a friend just for fun. See what I mean? The world can be your canvas, just find something and let yourself be creative! 2: A little sick of your style and method of drawing? Try coping other people's styles. Their all over the place. Or you could go to your local library and pick up some "How to Draw" kind of books. Even "How to Color" is nice. Try things that you haven't like poses, objects, people, animals, places. Sometimes you'll find out that you're really good at drawing something that you havn't even tried. 3: Lack of inspiration.. this to me, is the hardest one. This is all mental and everyone is inspired by different things. For me, I am inspired by music, tattoo artists, animals, emotions. You need to think about what inspires you the most. What makes you draw anyway? If you draw scenery, maybe you need to go for that walk somewhere new. You'll need to look around. Do you draw people? Head out to someplace that has lots of people and just observe them. Without y'know.. appearing like you're just staring at them. Might creep 'em out. Does music inspire you? Then just start listening to it. What about animals? Go look around nature, maybe find someplace beautiful and picture some sort of animal there. And maybe.. maybe things that usually inspire you just aren't right now. It's time to find something new for now. Just try different things. I hope any of this will help you. What about you guys, how do you get over your artist block?
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@megumiart (3781)
• United States
18 Nov 07
When ever I can't get inspired, I like to go for walks in my neighborhood or urban areas, and observe nature and people. Or maybe look through old picture albums, and magazines.
@theprogamer (10539)
• United States
18 Nov 07
I'll take a sketchpad and just start drawing. Something usually comes to mind. If that doesn't work, I just walk around a bit or take a drive. There are also art stores and websites to look at for inspiration. Or find something that interests you and see if something online can inspire you that way.