How to deal with the relatioship with your old family ?

United States
November 18, 2007 4:02pm CST
My parents allways tells me how they suffer much from shortage of money whenever I call them. Sometimes they even exaggerate their trouble. They have asked for big money from me and my husband before, and we gave them. They now never ask directly but just hope I can help them more by keeping telling their hardship. They have retire payment every month, enough for their living fee, but just want to help my younger brother. I am very sad about that and do not know how to do.
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@wseayuan (374)
• China
19 Nov 07
I Think nobody is perfect including our parents.maybe your parents are wrong ,you also should forgive them.and try to make them just tell your trouble to them.and hope them to know you and your trouble.i think the communication is the best way to solve the problem. i think it is good to have the parents to do something for.
• United States
20 Nov 07
My parents is kind of greedy. We have afforded the living fee of my younger brother during his colledge (five years)and provided a big money to help him to find a job because he failed in the English exam and not qualified in most of the job (It's strange almost all the good job setting some stardard in English level even though that job will never need using English in our country). Because my parents can only afford the tuition for my brother to go to colledge, so we are willing to help them. At that time, We were just students and we tried hard to save money to help them. My husband worked really hard to get extra income besides the living fee provided for us students by our institute. We graduated at the same year with my brother. One year later, my parents forced us to give out a big money to help them buy a apartment for my brother, or he may has some trouble to get a wife. It includes all my income in one year and also part income from my husband. We were not happy because we thought my brother should make his own money if he wanted better life. But my parents think we are rich than them and allways indict we should buy staff for my brother, like computer, motorcycle. It is true we have much higher salary than them, but we still can not afford our own apartment. It seems my parents just think we are money tree or bank for them. Sometimes I just feel panic.
@ailema4ever (2675)
• Finland
20 Nov 07
Well, if they don't ask directly, maybe you can just disregard their complaints as complaints. After all, you know they have enough money to live. Your younger brother should be the one doing all the hard work to be a successful man. It's not good to rely on other people for help, even though it's your own sibling. I hope you can make your parents understand that your younger brother should be independent and should try to make his own fortune.