You're over 30 years you still play video games?

@jhartana (1087)
November 18, 2007 9:22pm CST
As the title suggests, do you still play video games even though you're over 30 years old? If so, how often do you play? Are you married and still play video games? Does your partner restrict you from playing games? Do you play games with your children? I'm married but don't have children yet, occassionally I still play PS2 games although my wife said I was childish. I said back to her this is only for my leisure time. I was a games freak but not anymore since I am working full time. I hardly find a time for playing PS2 but I guess I would play PS2 when my wife's not home. Come to think of it, I saw many people particularly in Japan still play games...even they're in 40s. Well come on, why can't I play for short period? So what's your situation here? :)