digital disaster

@chari_dc (493)
November 19, 2007 3:02am CST
i just have to let this out. i am sooooo sad coz my computer at home crashed last week and i lost *all* my files! as in 4 years worth of family pictures stored in the hard disk, artworks i've compiled from all my graphic design jobs, music i've downloaded for the last 4 years... my recently updated resume, almost EVERYTHING about my life are all in there... and gone. what makes me sad the most are the pictures. my 2 kids have all their growing up pics there. my eldest son born in 2002 has most of his baby pics in there and my youngest girl who was born in 2006 has everything there. i should've seen it coming. my technician-friend already told me a few weeks ago that i should get a new hard disk but i had to wait till payday to get it. now i know better. a few months back i lost my mobile phone which contained all my friends' and colleagues' numbers and already knew back then that i should always have backup files. but i didn't make backup files for my computer. damn @#$%^&&*(! is there any way i could retrieve my files from the hard disk? please help techie people!!
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• Australia
25 Nov 07
If it is just the fact the hard drive has stopped working, then the files are still there. It is just a matter of getting someone to go in and try to download them. We have 3 computers where we are, and back everything up to all of them. ok, so to mine and the laptop! I hope you can get it all back. Just don't try doing it yourself. Get a proffesional to do it!
@wiccania (3360)
• United States
21 Nov 07
As the other person mentioned, there are ways to get data retrieved from harddrives. I'm gonna have to look into it myself once I have the money. My ex stopped maintenance on our computers (while we were still together) and left them without any check ups for over a year. They both crashed and there were hundreds of photos of my son on them. Not to mention a couple hundred really cool pictures that my son took himself. He figured out how to operate the digital camera one day and just went to town whenever he got his hands on it, you know? But I still have both computers set aside so that when I can afford it I can get as much data from them as possible.