what are your views on world wrestling entertainment??is it real or stunts??

@binny29 (1527)
November 19, 2007 7:02am CST
i do watch wwe when ever i find but i would like to know what do you feel about it is it real or its some stunts which look real what do you think
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@caz2406 (24)
19 Nov 07
I love the wwe...and watch it whenever i can...it is all stunts i think...the wrestlers practice it all b4 the live shows...and the stories r made up in advance...tho things do go wrong...they get injured and can die like one of the hart brothers did...john cena is out injured at the mo for anything from 6 months to a year...with a torn pec...with all the daring things they do would have to be rehearsed...they are good athletes and good stunt men!... Caz