Is mylot coming to an end?

United States
November 19, 2007 12:04pm CST
Okay, a week ago I was putting posts with referral links in them, they got deleted. I was okay with that. But now I can not even post my blog on a discussion. Do you think that the mylot population will decrease? I enjoyed mylot even though I have only made $4.56 in 8 months, and I post daily. But now this is making me think about quitting mylot. Does this affect any of you guys? I mean I like the discussions and I like responding to them. I came here being told that I would make decent money for posting and I have stuck with it and made practically nothing. Now I do get more money with my other sites since I was posting my blog on here and getting referrals, but now I can not even do that. I dunno, sorry for whinning............
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