Have you ever experienced the paranormal?

@megumiart (3781)
United States
November 19, 2007 1:22pm CST
Ghosts? UFO's? Bigfoot? the loch ness monster? When I was little, I thought one of the houses my family and I lived in was haunted. At night my bedroom door would shake, and sometimes, i saw the toys on the floor move on their own! I was terrified.
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@Lightlord (379)
• Greece
19 Nov 07
Wow dude that's scary... I have never experienced anything like that, but I know a lot of people who did. One of my friends actually said that she was attacked at night by a shadow and she couldn't move or turn on the light. But than she managed somehow to turn on the light and all the doors in the house (including the outiside door were opened) she went to church and she never experinced the same thing again... That is what she said to me. I think she said that happened about 4 years ago not really sure I will ask her for more details when I see her.
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• United States
4 Jan 08
Ghosts, rather spirits--are paranormal but UFO's are well-kept government secrets that now are not so well kept; Bigfoot is just a 'wild man or beast' no-one has been able to clearly identify yet or study but is not considered of the 'paranormal'; and the Loch Ness, just another of goddess's creatures that elude those that want to make its life less than it is: a mystery. As far as the 'paranormal' arena of thought, I truly believe it can be analyzed from an intuitive perception and accepted on the basis of faith rather than documentation of truth . . . At my domain, I have a link to the paranormal as I am both intrigued and affected by its validity, everyday ! http://www.enlightenment-psych.net/paranormal.htm
@ElicBxn (60895)
• United States
20 Nov 07
Did you live in area with earth quakes? I've had a couple of dreams come true and the former roomie & I were haunted by a cat we had just lost back in the late 70's.