rely upon convienience??

November 19, 2007 5:35pm CST
hi myloters, just now i did my washing up, and as i was squeezing my washing-up liquid bottle, it made me think... how many convieniences to i take for granted... thing that simply haven't always been around, but are now commonplace. so i have a little list, and i was hoping for others to add to it if they can think of more. try to only think of things you believe that you just couldn't live without, but obviously, people have done before !! my list looks something a little like this hehe: washing-up liquid wasing detergent (for clothes) toilet roll deoderant sliced bread (man i hate buying unsliced) refridgerator/freezer washing machine/tumble dryer T.V.! the internet and computers the telephone ball point pens...
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@xboxboy (5578)
19 Nov 07
being a 16 yr old guy the only thing i cannot live without on that list is tv and the internet! what the F is a washing machine? lol! i think you will have to add mobile phone on to that list very soon!
23 Nov 07
being 27 and female... washing machine is one thing i know very well... infact me and mine are on first name terms now :( (i am the only one here who knows how to use it lol). mmm, mobile phone you say... well as i am the bill payer in this house, i use the house phone and my mobile is for people to just contatc me when i am out, but my little brother on the other hand (he's 19) is attactched to his day and night, so i guess it can go in that list hehe.