How old will you get married?

November 20, 2007 5:18am CST
Today More and more people do not want to get married.And those who want to have already changed their idea of the age.What's your opinion?
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• Pakistan
30 Nov 07
I am already married. I was 30 when I had got married. I got my first male baby at age of 32. Now my family is ten and we are living like gentlemen. We had married in our mature age. So we got a good result of our marriage. Age for successful marriage for female is 25 to 28 and 30 to 35 for men. I was 30 when I had got married.
• China
15 Dec 07
Really sweet life
@anil_762001 (1636)
• India
20 Nov 07
i think you don't get correct answer of your question.
• China
20 Nov 07
• Indonesia
10 Feb 08
well, each person has their own preference. there are a lot of singles that still want to stay single because marriage is one complicated phase of life and most of them will try to stay away until they know they are ready for this. Age may matter for many people, but there are a lot of singles who don't really care about age matter too, except their parents. :P
@Luckyj26 (52)
• United States
13 Dec 07
I'd like to get married when I'm around 30 years old. I want to travel the world and experience many other different cultures before I settle down.
@presido (16)
• Israel
20 Nov 07
I will get married as soon as i found a life partner that suets me, but it will not exceed my 29th year, by the grace of god. those who do not want to get married should check themselves. i do not understand the one of changing age, for me, what is wart doing is wart doing well, and on time.29 is even late for me but i have to follow my scale of preference.
@SpankMe (68)
• Philippines
20 Nov 07
there's actually no specific age as to when is the right time to get married. but if you are tlaking about age. maybe im gonna marry around 29-30. :P im not that much of a hurry. marriage is one of my least priorities right now.