tae kwon do is one of the most population sport .do you think so?!

November 20, 2007 8:17am CST
i like this sport ! no only can strong my body ,but also it is cool. if a man wear the special cloth with black belt .do many wonderful kicks . i hope everybody who like it can exchange the experience in training!?
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• United States
20 Nov 07
Although I do not know tae kwon do..I do like to watch it as a sport..I agree it takes much skill and agility. How much time do you spend practicing and training?
• China
21 Nov 07
yes ! i have been practicing for 5 years ! maybe it become a part of my life .every day will spend 2 hours on it! i feels very happy! although i was often been hurt!
17 Nov 09
yes very popular in deed but its purpose is just plainly sports very less effective in street fight and does not require much body toughness than other arts.
• Indonesia
12 Nov 08
Tae kwon do is a good martial art..... I'm a red belt now and I'm gonna take black belt this december...i'm really nervous though...from what i heard from my seniors the black belt test is a hard one...they're talking bout miles and miles of running....brutal physical test.....sparring with lot of other participant(I even heard that we will be sparring with soldiers!! since the test will take place in an air force base.....) But i think i will soon know that this december right??
• United States
9 Dec 07
what style do you practice? I train in Moo Duk Kwan.