Which trick do you find the most effective when you try and beat a defender?

Hong Kong
November 20, 2007 8:46am CST
My first instinct would be usually to just try and outpace the defender. If that doesn't work I use the trick when you move your shoulder to one side and go the other way. I found this pretty effective against some players. What about you guys?
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8 Jan 08
I think tricks are a waste of time, not that I never use them but really the art of getting behind the defence is a good burst of pace. They hate being drawn back and only good defenders can tackle well under pressure. Just pin the ball back and fourth between you feet, moving forward towards the space which is open and then try taking it past them and advanced on goal or create a chance and cross/pass. ~Joey
@ScarMkd (15)
• Macedonia
26 Dec 07
i dont know and that is not my problem. I'am a goalkeeper
@solson (406)
16 Dec 07
Ok so you have got the right idea you could also do the rainbow which takes a little while to learn but once mastered you will not only look good, but you also most likely score a goal. You could also trying moving your legs over top the ball then the defender will hopefully open his legs, then you smipely slot the ball between his legs, and sprint to the other side of him to meet your ball to score a goal.