"do-gooders" as "cheats" - MSN live todayNov20th,2007

@trinihd (996)
United States
November 20, 2007 2:26pm CST
Can you believe the psycho-babble that is on MSN live today? They actually believe that do-gooders can turn out to be cheats, supposedly because they might rationalise cheating as a means to a "good" end, like, e.g. cheating on a test to pass their exams and go to med school to become a doctor and help people. I cannot believe it!! Are they for real? Any person, whether they call themselves a do-gooder or not, who cheats, is NOT a do-gooder. I think by definition do-gooder means you "do good" and not just good by helping people, but also good, as in "not wrong", "not bad" and cheating would have to be classified as both wrong and bad, for whatever reason you want to attach to it!! Any person who tries to convince him/herself of otherwise needs psychotherapy because they are either a sociopath or a pyschopath. But that's just imo. Ok, what do you think? Am I being to strict in my definition? Read the article if you like it's on MSN live today. There's a link to it in the little window that pops up when you log into your MSN messenger...or you can probably search for "do-gooders" and find it that way. It's an msnbc article...figures! :p
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