The Wrasslin' Trivia Thread

United States
November 20, 2007 3:39pm CST
The title explains it all - but just for starters, in this thread, it's all about "ask and you shall receive" - basically, it's all about asking out any question that pertains to wrestling, whereas another individual would answer it in any form they choose to (such as with detail, dates, shows, and whatnot - you're not limited to these suggestions, but the more the merrier). Just to get things kickin' in a good way, I'll start off with two sections: Jeopardy formatted type questions and a "Who am I?" ----------- Starting off extremely easy: 1.) This man walked out of WrestleMania 22 the then-new World Heavyweight Champion after pinning Randy Orton 2.) Bobby Lashley lastly defeated this man in the first-ever "Extreme Elimination Chamber" Match at the 2006 edition of the pay-per-view, December to Dismember to become the then-new ECW Champion 3.) This pay-per-view would see the last WWE Championship defense courtesy of John Cena before his drafting to RAW [1] I was involved in a couple of high-profile main event matches in 2005 [2] I'm currently signed to the WWE [3] I used to be involved in other promotions as well, not just the WWE [4] After my first "rookie year" in the WWE, as well as the following one (that would mean during my third year), I won the BIG one [5] Lately, I've been one of the most, if not THE most talked-about individual in the world of professional wrestling (*This is the give-away!)
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