Point and click - is that all we get to teach our toddlers?

@coffeebreak (17820)
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November 20, 2007 5:41pm CST
In watching the commericals lately most of the toys I see for toddlers are point and click computer related. Not saying that is all they have but I can't think of a commercial of something else at the moment. These things either hook to your PC or they are a toddler version of a PC. Point nad click, don't turn a page, don't sit with someone and read together, don't let mom or dad help with instruction or work with them, just point and click and if you do it enough times, you will eventually get to go to the next level. talk about automated baby sitters! What happend to the trains that the little guys wuold get on the floor and zoom around? What about building blocks, Lincoln logs and other "use your imagination" toys? Guess times have changed. For the better or worse?
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@hhhxxccc (222)
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20 Nov 07
I agree that there are defiently alot of different alternatives for tolders to play or learn from these days. It's for the better, for the most part, but i believe that nothing can really subsutitute the time that the parents spend with the kids. But neway, May i recommened the "Jumpstart" computer series for kids of all ages. It's a great learning expierence and also features many games and characters that my kids love.
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@coffeebreak (17820)
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21 Nov 07
Parent time is definately the best. My 7 yo GD comes over here and the tv never goes on unless she needs a nap and help to stay still and fall asleep. She is constatnly going here and I have a blast going with her and teaching - she will even tells PaPa to turn the TV off so she doesn't have to listen to it while she plays with her dinosaurs and creats mountains and landscape for them to play. She sews, bakes, cooks, cleans (yes she loves to dust and mop floors!) scrapbooks, creates her own creations and now plays resturant and counts money - something they don't teach to much in schools these days, but she can give you change for a dollar!