I should start selling dandilions!

November 20, 2007 8:40pm CST
Linda Katz started a fake business as a joke and is now making over 40,000$ a year by selling tumbleweeds she finds in her backyard. People emailed the site wanting to buy them. In fact, the orders just kept coming --an average of 15 per week. Not bad for a bunch of dead, dried-up weeds. She has sold to NASA when they were designing their Mars Tumbleweed rover. Hollywood has also come calling. Katz’s tumbleweeds have appeared in films like Johnny Depp’s “Neverland.” and kid’s shows like “Barney.” I can't believe it! And she sells them at prices ranging from 15-25$!! If anyone wants to buy the weeds in my yard, let me know!! If you pick them yourself you'll get them free! Shows what a good entrepreneur can do.... get a good idea (even a joke), find a market and sell!! How do you feel about this? I was shocked to hear this but it's true! Source: Yahoo
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• Atlantic City, New Jersey
27 May 08
Might not be such a bad idea mrrtomatoe! As soon as you plant (dandilions (weeds)in a place you WANT them to grow- they are no longer weeds! A weed is a plant that grows where it is not wanted- so you may just be onto something ;) People usually pull up the dandolions on their lawns as soon as they see them because these plants are weeds that are spoiling the grass- --perhaps you are one that does not think of dandolions as weeds (your potential customer). If they like their pretty yellow flowers, root them up and plant them in a box and sell them! Tell you customers to water them when they are dry and they will grow quickly (low maintenance). You can convince them that they are not growing weeds- they are growing flowers ;) Your marketing scheme could be: Low Maintenance- High Quality flowers for less! Good luck ;)