@nkhanna (925)
November 21, 2007 2:11am CST
forgiving someone who has wronged you is a selfish act rather than a selfless you really agree with it ?if you have a grudge with a person it feels like you are carry that person on your back,he drains you off your energy nas peace of mind.and the moment you forgive him,you are relaxed.does this happen to you ?what do yuo think practising forgivenss is a good act or not?do you normally forgive people you hurt you or you are the one woh can never forgive one since your ego is above all.lets share openly
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• Malaysia
21 Nov 07
In my experience it is better to 4give than to hold grudge. Yes, once we 4give, we hv peace of mind n more energy n it maks us feel good with ourselves. As if a big load is off our shoulders. Most of all we shd also 4give people who hurt us.
@nkhanna (925)
• India
22 Nov 07
thanks a lot for the response. i truly agree with you.bbut however they are very many people in this world who are not able to forgive the ones who have hurted them because of theri ego problem.well deep within their heart they know that they are not doing correct ,however donot speak because of EGO.