What's your ideal job?

November 21, 2007 7:22am CST
Hi!All When I was young, I wanted to be a doctor. A doctor's job is to help the people who are ill. When I see the sick people, I feel sorry for them. How I wish I could help them and cure all kinds of illness! When I was a student, I tried my best to read more books about medical care. I hoped to be a doctor in the future. Though I am not a doctor now, I think a doctor is a good job.
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@bing_r77 (237)
• Philippines
21 Nov 07
my dream job is to be a architect since i was in my elementary years. i want to build houses and buildings. but i end up to graduate in a bachelor of science in computer engineering. very very far from my dream job. and presently, i end up in a job as a firefighter.
• China
24 Nov 07
Hi! In our daily life, we can't expect our final job. Let alone the dream job. Because the dream and reality are very different.
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@bing_r77 (237)
• Philippines
25 Nov 07
i guess that's the reality. dream jobs are only dreams. our dreams in life of what will it be in the future may not be fulfilled because our life is full of changes.
• Philippines
12 Mar 08
Hello taskata10 :) I love finance. I wish I can be in Wall Street. I like investing and hope to become a financial adviser :). I have a dream of being able to help people, especially those who are really poor, uplift their lives...
@izathewzia (5142)
• Philippines
19 Feb 08
Well we have the same ideal job. At my age, early 30's, I am still dreaming of becoming a Medical Doctor. It is my dream since I was young. But never had a chance to fulfill yet. Hopefully soon.
@mensab (4205)
• Philippines
19 Dec 07
i always have fascination for writers. when i was a kid, i encountered names by prominent local and foreign writers. i wished that my name would be read also by kids. i still dream to make my first novel. now, i am a graduate student writing paper and articles. almost or close to what i dream of. but who knows?