Rent or buy??

November 21, 2007 8:32am CST
Would you prefer or do you currently rent property or buy? why? It all costs so much these days! I'm wanting to move away from my folks and it is going to cost an arm and a leg.
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• China
26 Nov 07
If I rent,the house is not mine,but someone else. If I buy, it becomes mine. So I prefer to buy.. You have said it's very expensive..Maybe the price is still increasing...So if you own it, maybe several years later, you can rent it or sell to others,then you can make some extra money from it, just something like investion.
• Australia
26 Nov 07
That is a great point! Thank you for your input! Owning property is a fantastic investment. I guess in the long run, with a rental property you are burning money but with a house, it is an asset that you can redeem.
• United States
25 Nov 07
I am hoping to be able to buy a house in a few years in Texas. I just need to be able to save some more up for the move. This rent is very expensive and I only have a few hundred dollars a month that I am able to do anything with after paying rent, bills and groceries. The cost of houses in Texas is a lot cheaper than the rent is for me now so I should be able to rent t buy and then convert to a mortgage in a few years. I would rather have a house of my own instead of a drawer full of rent receipts, plus if I decided to move I could probably get some money from the sale of the house.
@hyzz1982 (1040)
• China
21 Nov 07
if i have enough moeny, of coure i will buy. but if i have few mony, i have to rent. but for some else they like rent more than buy. i don't know why.