pencil - a picture of a pencil
@jesus777 (664)
November 21, 2007 10:05am CST
think about what object would you like to be if you could be i think i would like to be a pencil because when someone writes me they can erase there mistakes but also if i was a pencil i write and erase my mistakes in life if our lives were that easy oh boy we would be worry and dpression but we cant really erase our msitakes but we can learn from then and become stronger and better people with jesus christ we can soar he is able to heal our broken hearts when we ask him too he is all we need and he always there for us no matter so keep looking up to him and if you do not know him as lord of your lord he is waiting with open arms to receive you he loves you and cares and he want too wipe away all your tears so just cast all your cares upon him because he loves you very very much!!!!
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