Now that Y2J is back, what happens next?

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November 21, 2007 2:26pm CST
He's back once again. Jericho has officially returned back to the WWE and it seems to be a direction of him going after the WWE Title. Do you think he should get it off Orton or no? I'd rather see that because honestly I don't find Orton exciting but that's me. I know there are Orton fans out there that will disagree with him not being boring and that's fine. Everybody has their own preference but he's another topic for another day. When he came back, what did you 1st think actually? I gotta be honest. I am actually excited to see him back but I'm curious as to what they'll do with him this time. I hope it's not the same as last time and pretty much go into the role of a jobber. I felt they did that with him and he should get a run as WWE Champ. Do you think they'll give it to him and let him shine just to see what kind of champion he would make in a longer run or will it be a transitional run possibly? The other object I never thought about until now is him Royal Rumble winner. That's about the one thing I don't think he's ever done in his career and the King of the Ring is gone at this time. For me, I want to see him get the WWE Title and do something with it. What do you all want to see happen?
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29 Nov 07
I, for one, have enjoyed Chris Jericho since his days in WCW, so it was a big pleasure for me to see him finally back in the WWE after his long absence. It was definitely long overdue, especially with the lack of talented guys on the rosters with good charisma and mic skills. His promos the past two weeks have been hilarious... "me want title match" was hilarious. He's got the ability to draw the people into his character instnatly and the humor to keep them on his side. I read somewhere that it's aprt of his contract to get a run at the WWE title. Whether or not he wins it is another story, but that he will be prominently involved in the process of the WWE Title. That's probably good, he brings a great contrast to the seriousness and brashness of Randy Orton's character anyways... the humouous, sarcastic superhero to the stiff enemy. I want Jericho on the title. The funny thing is, though, I enjoy Jericho whether or not he's a champion. He's a breath of fresh air, along with the improving writing, that could be the rebound that the WWE needs to get back on track in terms of ratings and viewership.
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29 Nov 07
I think so as well. Jericho can bring some life some back into the WWE. I would hope that he gets the WWE Title. It'd be fitting with all the people really cheering him a lot. It should be considered and he'd make a great candidate for the championship.
@vega83 (6346)
• Bahrain
23 Nov 07
Well, from his very cool entrance at RAW last week, we know that he's definitely going after the gold, whether he gets it at the next pay per view, or not, it's definitely going to be the orton- jericho rivalry for quite some time, before the championship gold changes hands, that's what I think, or it could be that Jericho gets it the first match he has with Randy, but we still see a rivalry going on. I'm excited to see that Edge has come back too.