Is anyone in love?

United States
November 21, 2007 3:45pm CST
I am so in love with my husband. Everyone says they can tell because I get this sparkle in my eye when I talk about him or look at him. We have been together for 3 and a half years and it keeps getting better. We tell eachother we love eachother at least 50 times a day. Love is so amazing.
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• China
18 Dec 07
You are very lucky and pleased ! I can smell your happiness in my country! yeah, love is so amazing , and you find a right man and so love between each other ! congratulations ! So keep your love forever! and feel happy forever
@schummi (925)
• India
25 Nov 07
well thats kinda silly to ask now...becouse every other person you meet will be in love....what i believe is that not how many times you will tell each other I LOVE YOU but how long and how many years you can say dat atleast once a day....just count on dat
• India
24 Nov 07
i know how ur feeling. love is really amazing :)
@fredgame (1261)
• China
22 Nov 07
i think that fantastic love and that binds both of you together. never let it slip away. God truly blesses you as you're together you fulfil the will of God as well and your children will grow up in love and great they'll be. i think this is the effects of great love, if breaks all bondadges and makes wonders work. love travels miles without know the magnitude of it. i pray to have similar love with my will become partner by the grace of God. Amen!
@SpankMe (68)
• Philippines
22 Nov 07
i am in love! and happy! with my boyfriend!
@nkhanna (925)
• India
22 Nov 07
its true love is amazing and the most beautiful thing in this world.your are really lucky to be with the one you loved.there are so many people in this world who really deprived of true love since they cannot find one for themselves.i repect your is eternal and its really true that anyone can see true love in their eyes.keep your love safe as there are many people in this world who donot want others to be happy as because they are not your partner deeply even with passage of time.
@pastorkayte (2255)
• United States
21 Nov 07
I know how you feel, I am so in love with my husband I couldnt imagine being away from him or ever wanting anyone else ever, he is my everything and I have been with him forever but God blessed me with Mr. Right, I thought I might have to settle for Mr. Right Now or Mr. Second Best or even Mr. Not Right Now. But I didnt have to settle I got the very best. And he is such a babe to, what more can a woman ask for.