How can you tell if someone is a coloratura

@suspenseful (40316)
November 22, 2007 8:58am CST
I am a singer and I know that I am a soprano, but I am very good at doing twills. It just comes naturally to me and I can reach past C6, although with church choir singing, we rarely go past A6 and it seems that our conductor wants only one singer, the best one to do so --she took music theory, goes to all the concerts, etc. Me? I learned music theory when I took piano lessons, and I bought a Cd on how to sing, lots of scales, etc. and learned on my own. I have also got interested in comparing my voice to other singers, and I do know I am not a soubrette, but for some reason, I have no idea what a coloratura sounds like. I know that there is or was an Australian singer who is one, and I sound somewhat like her, but I was wondering whether it was my accent (I was born in Great Britain) so could someone give me an idea what coloraturas sound like or better still, links to sound files of such?
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