British rulers were called "Company' why?

November 22, 2007 10:42am CST
I learned this from my hostry book in my junior classes that british rulers in my country were called "company"..?? Take the example of the movie "priates of the carrabian sea- at the worlds end". They used this same word "company" for british rulers..!! I wonder why they were called "company...?? Can anybody here answer me?? :-?
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@ssh123 (31100)
• India
22 Nov 07
British rulers were not called company. It was the East India Company which they floated in order to carry out the trade in various commodities and raw amterials which were required by British Industries. In the beginning it started as a business house, later on the agents from British Government stepped in and slowly transformed into political entity and they started capturing one state/province after another and made a big extension to the King/Queen rule in many countries including India. Later they took over the governance of the country, introduced education, modern technology (then) like telephone, postal service, railway line, administration, courts etc. and stayed for hundreds of years, though there were protests from people to kick them out of the country. After they drained our resources by taking away valuable things including gold, diamonds and jewellry, they left the country because of Mahatma Gandhi's non-coperation movement, quit india movement and freedom struggle launched by patriots of the country.
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• India
22 Nov 07
Ok if thats true..!! But thats the picture of our country..!! But british rulers where called "company" even in other countries too..!! HOw can you answer that? And ..16635 ..posts..boy thats a BIG number ..!! YOu must be the member of mylot since years!!! Thanks for replying. :)
@cupid74 (11394)
• Pakistan
23 Nov 07
Hi dear as far as i know that British enter this part of world as traders and they form a Company named as "EAST INDIA COMPANY" and slowky they get involved in country affairs. it was formed in 1600 so they are called as COMPANY and they got boom in ERA of Mughal Empror , AKbar. later they were active in Politics, have famous formula of "DIVIDE And Rule" and slowly gain control on all States of Indis while some states declare coordination with them as far as why they are called Company in other part of world, so answer is that they entered into differnt countries of world as TRADERS/MERCHANT and forms COMPANIES over there like see below " East India Company was the name of several historical European companies chartered with the monopoly of trading with Asia; more specifically with India. British East India Company, founded in 1600 Danish East India Company, founded in 1616 Dutch East India Company, founded in 1602 French East India Company, founded in 1664 Swedish East India Company, founded in 1731 Portuguese East India Company, founded in 1628 " hope it will resolve ur queries. UNION is Strength, take care bye