I really love this song

@hhhxxccc (222)
United States
November 22, 2007 1:05pm CST
I think it really lets into how Britney is feeling. I really wish she would have had more song like this on her album (even though i do enjoy all the songs that made the album "Blackout"). I kinda think it would have better if she had released a more personal album, maybe a shot at achieving a real recording artist type respect. They couldn't believe I Did It But I was so committed My Life was so restricted for you (For You) I just drove inside it blind Couldn't see what swam inside Thought that'd be romantic for you Exchanged my vowels and said it all ON the Ledge, prepare to fall Ever screaming damn it, for you (Remember?) My friends said you would play me But I just said they're crazy While i was crying frantic Was it True? Why Should I Be Sad? Heaven Knows From the stupid Freakin things that you do (Stupid Freaking things) Why should i get mad, feel sad Who Knows Just Take It all As a sign that we're through Goodbye It's time for me to move along (Goodbye) It's time for me to get it on (Ok) I'm tired of singing sad songs (Alright) It's time for me (Britney, let's go) I sent you to Vegas WIth A Pocket full of paper And with no ultimatums on you I thought what could sepeate us But It just seemed that Vegas Only Brought the playa outta you (Hey baby, what's your name) Lavish Homes and Fancy cars Even got the drop Ferrari Filled up my garge for you Made your choice with all the teams People and US Magizine's Tell me who'd I do that for, who? I do love the song so much. Best song on the album in my opinon. Anyone agree?
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• China
24 Nov 07
i love this song too,her song is popular in china
@nangel78 (1458)
• United States
23 Nov 07
I actually like this album. I was hesistant at first, but it turned out to be pretty good. I try to look past the media attention keeping in mind we are all human and we all make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. Not many of us are always getting filmed and having that craziness around in our daily lives.