Christiano Ronaldo for World Best or Not...

November 22, 2007 2:17pm CST
Fans of Manchester United in Africa, Ghana to be specifics believed that the Portuguese international Christiano Ronaldo will the first to received the title World Best whiles' on Manchester United. With Kaka of AC Milan and Leonel Messi of FC Barcelona,who are also in the race, the Manchester united fans still believed that Ronaldo is going to take the title while in England. What do you think? Is Christiano Ronaldo better that Kaka and Messi to walk away with the title? Is Ronaldo better of that those soccer legends that have played in the premiership without the title?
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@poohgal (6848)
• Singapore
1 Dec 07
Even though I am a Manchester United and Christiano Ronaldo fan, I do not think he is the best player in the world yet. He will be in the future but just not now. He is still young and relatively inexperienced. My pick will be Kaka. He is an amazing player. I love to see Kaka play. =D
@figuah (82)
• Iceland
25 Nov 07
wow really hard to say,Ronaldo is a really good player,love to watch him play but im not sure he can take the title as worlds best just yet,kaka and messi are incredible players,give it 2 years more and id say he is ready to be the worlds best.
• India
23 Nov 07
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