Obama and Hillary - who's got the dirt?

@coffeebreak (17820)
United States
November 22, 2007 4:50pm CST
Just heard on the news that Obama has "admited" to using drugs in his high school years. He was talking to kids in high school and telling them that he did cocaine when he could afford it, but once out of high shcool and into college he realized how much time and life he had wasted and stopped. Can the media let it lay as a "thank you for being honest" thing. No, they are going on about how is admitting it will effect his campaign..was it good or bad that he was honest...etc. Good grief - if he hadn't told about it, the media would have found out and all would have gone gangbusters on a media rage about how he was a druggie!! But now that he has admitted it, they are just mad that they lost their reign of glory and don't get to blast the guy into oblivion over it so they are trying to blast him for being honest! I'd rather vote for someone that was honest and admitted it on his own, then vote for someone who kept it quiet, joped he'd never have to accept responsiblity and is only dealing with it now cause the media is raking him with it! In my opinion what someone did in high school isn't an issue as to whether they can or cannot do what they are trying to accomplish now. Kids are kids and everyonem akes mistakes. Heck, Clinton admitted to a .. well, we all know what he admitted to... but he did it as a grown man running this country and that aparently didn't effect him in any way, so why should something one did in high school effect anything? I get so tired of the media - there are so many other things they could be talking about and trying to get help for... Oh yeah, it also said that last week or so Hillary said she had some "dirt" on Obama and all are wondering if this was that "dirt". Probably was and bet she's mad as snake in a rocking chair factory that she didn't get to "reveal" it!
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