@nkhanna (925)
November 23, 2007 1:44am CST
once me and my sister was going to my aunt's house in a different city.we were travelling by train .we both wore golden earings and a golden chain always.we were reading magazine when suddenly my sister started screaming.everyone in the compartment looked at her.a guy was trying to snatch her chain.a man tried to catch hold of him,but the thief ran sister was bleeding.the thief was not able to take out the chain however a permanent mark was made by him on my sister's neck.i dont understand why people do such kind of tihns.DOes any one of you had faced a similar kind of situation ?
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• United States
23 Nov 07
dear nkhanna, new york is very, very bad, even on today the Thanksgiving holiday, two 17 year old boys stold a honda accord out in the suburbs, and it was stolen out of a mans driveway. he got a friend to help him chase the boys down, and by luck spotted them in his stolen car on the interstate, he notified the police on his cellphone and they caught the boys...i was thinking it is a holiday, they should be home with their families having the holiday dinner, not out stealing they are in jail...i am so sorry for what happened to you and your sister on the train, and i'm glad the thief didn't get the golden chain, but i feel terribe that the violence injured your sisters neck...God protected you both, that day...stanzi
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@tryxiness (4548)
• Philippines
23 Nov 07
I guess there are lots of stories like snatching. In the Philippines, the in thing now is snatching done by people in the motorcycle, where they grab people's bag and drive fast. I have been slashed once while sitting in a public vehicle.