Crusade against plastic rubbish

Plastic bags - This picture shows plastic covers that are disposable
@biggerb (2028)
November 23, 2007 6:31am CST
I really never thought an individual can successfully crusade for a cause.When I read about Rebecca Hosking a film maker from UK who saw the damage our plastic bags were doing to wild life,She saw albatrosses,the dolphins,the green turtles and whales all dying due to eating indigestible plastic or choking to death on a plastic bag.She took a documentary and showed it to people.They in turn realised the damage plastic is doing and the shop keepers have taken to altenatives like re- usable cloth bags.Its amazing how one person can bring about awareness.I think each one of us should play our part to save our environment for the future generations to come.What do you feel about it?
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@squaretile (3833)
• Singapore
27 Dec 07
yes i agree and I've been doing my part. recently i went to the supermarket and used my own bag. i would have received at least 5 plastic bags from the supermarket from the stuff that i bought. my country is trying to do something to cut down the number of plastic bags. every first wednesday of the year is no plastic bag day for supermarkets. and if you use your own bag like i did on a normal day, i get 10 cents off my entire purchase. in ikea, they charge 10 cents for every plastic bag you take. every day. not just on certain days of the month.
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@biggerb (2028)
• India
2 Jan 08
I am glad that you are doing your part.I guess if each one of us became aware of the hazards caused by plastic we can bring about change.when each one contributes it will have the required results.Like Ikea if all the company's charge that again would help.