oppse! i have a toothache today,how can i be calm with it?

November 23, 2007 7:46am CST
i had a worse day today, for my tooth aches all the time, it's most terrible experience i have ever had,i have nothing appite to eat my favourite, and even i have no impluse to speak a word, sleeping and having a rest for tooth doesnt work, how do i deal with it? do youhave the same experience before? ok here may each of you have a healthy tooth and may you keep healty, i 'm wondering whether i can have some tooth exercise to avoid the teethache.oh my God....have a nice day,my friends!
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20 Jan 08
well at this min i am suffering with a tooth badly. so what i do i exercise the tooth, i hold my finger on my cheek where i can feel the throbbing pain, i move it round and round and side ways. i press my think hard on my cheek as well. it does help it but for just a few moments. or i just stick with paracetamol.
• India
8 Jan 08
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