Love it or hate it? Microsoft Surface.

United States
November 23, 2007 1:35pm CST
Envision what you want to do on a computer, use your hands to make it happen. It's an amazing concept! Resize pictures and videos by stretching the object out with your fingertips, transfer files between the computer and your phone (or other PDA-like device) by placing it on top of the table, move things around by hand, and much more. With an extremely expensive table at $10,000, you can awe your guests! What I love about it is the actual technology behind it and the endless possibilities that this can bring to other devices (other than a table). However, let's say they make this into a laptop device as well. I think it'd work best for media systems, but for gaming it would be kind of awkward to play something like World of Warcraft (I would think). Also, as a table, I would have to babysit my guests to make sure there would be no scratching of the glass, no drink marks, no fingerprints, etc. It would make me so paranoid to have someone de-beautify my uber-expensive and cool as hell table. Wonder how Microsoft is handling that kind of detail. If you look at their videos on their site, it would be quite an experience at a restaurant if it were to be used. Imaging playing games on the table while you wait for your food or splitting your check with your friends and just dragging the menu items from the table to your credit card you just place on it. BUT... how much would the food cost at such a restaurant if they were to implement these kinds of tables? Do you think they would increase their price? Hopefully after a few years of this technology being out in public, the price will decrease where any home can essentially afford it.
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@aahlei (43)
• Indonesia
26 Nov 07
I don't like surface. It make me confuse...
• Philippines
24 Nov 07
i've seen that one when launched here in the Phils. I think that's very very cool... but i don't find it very practical.. not just yet i guess...