To all people who read emails for money.

@chrislotz (8203)
November 23, 2007 2:20pm CST
Do you read emails for extra money? Do you have a pop up blocker? I have one set on my computer and I have reset the number two days ago. I now notice I have 909 blocked popups. Wow, this is a lot for two days. Why do the PTR sites have to have so many popups? I don't expect an answer but it infuriates me to no end. I hate popups because most of them are viruses and bugs. Why would these sites let people put these bad popups on their site? It gives them a bad reputation. I'm just glad I have a program to stop these, but what if I didn't. My computer would be shut down by now, in just 2 days.
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@LittleMel (14055)
• Canada
28 Nov 07
All pop ups are blocked by my browser. and all cookies can only be installed with my permission. then they are erased every time I close the window. I do have security provided by my provider and some scan plus cleaner softwares I use them all. even that I still find trojan and spywares adwares
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• China
25 Nov 07
I do really check my email box, but it is only as one of my habits. I check the email becuase everyday I received the message from my partner in business. Maybe some email come from my friends. I checked the email every days as one of my babits. If the computer shut down or can't log on the webit, I feel that it seem like losing something all whole day.
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@Lightlord (379)
• Greece
23 Nov 07
Popups? I hate them. They sometimes make me sick and my computer stucks. I have blocker too but I use it very rarely. I don't visit much popup sites so I don't have big problems with them, but I hate them anyway. I would never put a popup on my site.
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