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United States
November 23, 2007 6:36pm CST
I have one niece and 4 nephews. The 2 oldest nephews are in their 20's and I didn't get to see them very often when they were small. The 3rd one I am very close to. I have helped raise him since he was a baby. He tells his mother that he is half mine. He also claims that he is sure that I might be his mother because he is alot like me. I do explain however, that I was fixed after my second son many years before he was born. The youngest one I have only seen once since he was born. Though I speak with him on the phone 3 or 4 times a month. They live in another state and finance don't let either of us visit very often. My niece I love dearly but she is a snob. She has been very spoilt being she is the only girl.
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• Saint Lucia
6 May 08
there are lots of ways to break down snobs, but if u have tried your best to deal with your niece and she still ignores u then leave her alone, when she is ready she will come around, just let her know in small ways like a card or picture or verse that u love her. I think that her parents should be spoken to for this situation because the situation ran away from them. she is the only girl, spoilt yes, girls usually are, but she is over selfish becuase mother and father let her be. u shouldnt let finance keep u from being close to your family, we live in the new world, make use of your telephone and camera, tell your nephew that he feels that way about you because u r his second mother. hope i was of some help.
@TasaF7 (38)
• United States
11 Feb 08
I have a niece and nephew and we are very close. Not just because we are close in age but because we spend quite a bit of time together. When they were younger I used to babysit them and we'd have lots of fun. d= My niece loves telling the younger boys what to do. Very fun watching them play games together.
• Philippines
11 Dec 07
Actually like you, I am very close with my niece, she's the first in our family. When she was 2 year old my sister left to work in other country just to earn money to give her a good life. I became a real mother to my niece, I was always with her in every speacial moment of his life like birthdays, graduation, parties and I was the one who taking care if she got sicked. Now she's 8 and I gave birth to my first baby few months ago. There is little bit changes or maybe its big... she got jealous sometimes when she see me taking care of my baby, but i know she treat my baby like her baby brother.
@tryxiness (4548)
• Philippines
25 Nov 07
i have my first nephew ever. it's different having him around, he is as if my angel. :)