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@cupid74 (11394)
November 23, 2007 11:38pm CST
Hi friends I just started another discussion about smoking, but then it struck in my mind that there are other option to intake tobacco, so lets discuss them as well in what form you intake Tobacco 1) Cigarette 2) Cigar (hawana cigars are famous and i like their smell) 3) Pipe 4) Huqa ( its used in Asian and i saw its form in African country, it has coals and tobacco in one container, on other side its long pipe of 2-3 feet and in centre its water bath, so when u suck, smoke filtered through water bath) 5) Sisha (its Originate from turkey or some Arab country, its like huqa but advanced version of it , here u can have flavored tobacco, like mint, strawberry, apple, double apple and many more. i tried it , its not only have pleasant taste but smells good too) 6)Beetle (paan), its another way to intake tobacco, its raw tobacco wrapped in beetle leaf and eaten. and after chewing u spit it out, i dont like it personally 7) any other form u like to share Please share your comments on it, what u take and what u prefer, what's most common in ur area Take care
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