burberry is outdated??

@unuzzz (1274)
November 24, 2007 2:09am CST
what do you think about burberry?? fashionable or outdated pattern?? i think they're classic and fashionable but some people thought it only for oldies?? share with me
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@liquorice (3901)
17 Jul 08
I really don't like Burberry, and when I see that swatch of material it does remind me of old ladies' umbrellas!!! Sorry! I know everyone's got their own taste, but I find it really hard to understand why people like it. If anyone can explain why they like it, I would find it interesting...
@ovation4u (292)
• Malaysia
17 Jul 08
Thats no such outdated for burberry . The pattern shown the characteristic of the brand. But for myself, i am not really like burberry due its too conservative. I prefer Paul Smith more.
@currykai (427)
• Malaysia
17 Jul 08
I dont think that Burberry is oudated and old-fashion. especially now they have Burberry blue label(sold only in Japan), is really nice and more affordable. Sideline discussion, I think Burberry perfume is quite nice!