which is ur favourite rock band & why ???

November 24, 2007 4:47am CST
mine is beatles ...
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• India
12 Dec 07
creed is my favourite...because the videos of their songs reflect their ability to tell something to the common people like us.."one last breadth" & "my sacrifice" are my favopurite one...not only that "don't stop dancing" is one of my favourite...
@Estina54 (389)
• United States
12 Dec 07
Mine is Beatles too. Other favorite bands are Queen, Kinks, Who, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple. I like both Oldies and contemporary music.
@poohgal (6848)
• Singapore
1 Dec 07
Beatles is indeed a great band. But I was born in a time when they had already stopped singing together. My favorite band has to be Linkin Park. I find their music motivating for me. Their music never fails to perk me up. =D When i was a little girl, I used to like Backstreet Boys. LOL It's a boy band. =P
@gerald_lian (2193)
• Australia
24 Nov 07
Mine is Beatles too, so we have something in common! I've been an avid fan of the Beatles since I was a kid and I'm still an avid fan till now. My first ever album from them was "Beatles Greatest Hits" which I bought in the form of a casette. After that, I collected many more such as Abbey Road, Revolver, A Hard Day's Night, Magical Mystery Tour, Let It Be Naked, Beatles 1, Live at the BBC and Anthology 1-3. Their songs are really cool to listen to and the lyrics are very good as well. It's a pity they split up so early; I would have liked them to continue as a band as long as possible.....
• Saudi Arabia
24 Nov 07
Beatles are legends of course but if i am talking about oldies I may favour Elvis over the Beatles. Now my fav band is Metallica. I like them coz i like their style of music and love their lyrics. Thanx ..