Friends, To bad life didn't create rules for friendship!

United States
November 24, 2007 7:05pm CST
To what extent do you call someone a friend? If you found our your husband or wife almost slept with your "friend" ....would they still be a friend? If you watched your "friend" go thru a really bad relationship and finally get on his/her feet and divorce the guy/girl and now he/shes sleeping around with everyone in town is she/he still your friend?? Just exactly how far does friendship go today? In my time i remember friendship lasting forever thru good and bad times each helping each other and not talking trash behind the others back or trying to sleep with each others boyfriends FRIENDS could be leaned on for a bad day or treated for a nice meal and nothing was ever thought of however TODAY it seems friends are there for nothing more but to create havoc in your life to use you and talk trash and try to rake you over coals........has society trained them to be this way or has the generations just gotten so carefree and careless this is there way of handling things?
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