Doc...i would like my new kittens with yellow eyes and a pink tail!

November 25, 2007 12:53pm CST
With the all the advances in the genetic fields, and with all the restrictions that evoluted governments inflict in their laws, in what touches to human manipulation, the scientists feel that they are being chained in their research. Most of them, probably will explore the more "available" fields of experimentalism, and if legislation opens a breach there, a new market for genetic manipulated pets will be open. So it will not be unusual to see strange new pets in the future...And listen someone in the Veterinarian asking that he would like to have new kittens with yellow eyes and pink tails... What do you think about this issue? do you think it will be reality? if is going to be reality, what will be your reaction to this new pet world?
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• Finland
23 Jan 08
As far as I know some of the cats are very much manipulated. Take for example a persian kitty. I donĀ“t personally prefer it.