Are u the kind who needs to be pushed to get going or are u the persuasive one?

@mabelk (209)
November 25, 2007 3:07pm CST
There are some people who tend to be relaxed or unmotivated in accomplishing things and may require a little bit of inspiration or encouragement. Others are good in encouraging and persuading people, reaching a goal or accomplishing things. Which one are you? And how do you keep yourself from being motivated?
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26 Nov 07
which one are you? - to answer ur question, being sagitarius i am the adventureous type. If i stay still 4 a long time, i get bored real easy, so i have to keep moving on. i like to have fun, have things my own way. even when it comes to work. sometimes i feel powerless or entraped. if i cant move on i get into a state of depression..thats when i need motivation. u r a smart person, i think i am begining to like your discussions!!
@mabelk (209)
• Germany
27 Nov 07
It's interesting that this discussion can be good yet nobody else except you has responded to it... but I appreciate your input. It's good to know how different people respond to different situations in life. I like observing people in real life but in this case reading discussions and responses makes me try to understand people.
27 Nov 07
awww u sound a lil broken hearted. so sorry..ppl try to avoid the "serious" stuff often..and you need to pay more attention to the "tags". make them more common? dont worry, most of us myloters tend to get one or two of those dreaded zero response topix. and hey what are friends for? as i said ur topix are intresting and smart.. dont give up you still havent said which one are you? :)