Am I harsh on him...Part 2

@maean_19 (4661)
November 25, 2007 9:13pm CST
This is in connection with my past post entitled, "Am I harsh on him?". I have to put in the record that the guy and I are no "in relationship" process. I mean, he is not getting me back. I have a boyfriend and happy with him. The only reason why I have to discuss the matter is to ask someones opinion if am I treating my ex bad now that I am backing off with his favors. I want him to be matured enough to accept responsibilities and take the chance of looking for a job to support his family. He thought that having a rich siblings and parents, he remained to be their obligation to provide. His brother is offering him a job which he did not accept because of pride. He had other places to stay on, but still his words is in contrast with his actions. Last weekend, he kept on asking me if he could come to my place, luckily I was out. Perhaps, God is pushing me to get rid of him, anyway. lol...By chance, everytime he drops by to my place, am out. Thank goodness. I want him to feel the essence of how to stand alone, that's why. to those who responded with the first post, I thank you for making me feel unguilty of my treatment to this pathetic guy.
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