What influenced you most when you made your choice?

November 25, 2007 9:43pm CST
Hi! All When I was young, I didn't make my choice. Mostly my parents did it for me. When I graduated from the high school, I wanted to study design and computer in the university. But my father would like me to study chmistry. Now before I make a choice, I always ask my partner for advice first. What about you?
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• Malaysia
26 Nov 07
Hello taskata. I also having the same problem with my parent. My life was arranged by them. Now I am a high school student. My school subjects for examination were chosen by them. They said that I am still a little girl that cannot make a right decision. I don't care I just let them made it. I know they did it because they love me and want me to success in study and carrier. I respect that. But I hope I can make my own decision when I grow up. I want to be free. But now I still need them to guide me. HAPPY LUCKY. **prettyhanan**
• China
28 Nov 07
Hi! Parents have more experience than you when you are a student. You are right. Thanks for sharing.
@tryxiness (4548)
• Philippines
26 Nov 07
I am pretty much lucky that right now my parents trust me with decisions I make. I do consult them from time to time, but at the end of the day, it will always be my decision. I mean, I always see to it that I would be responsible to whatever the outcome of such move, also I make sure that I did not hurt anyone along the way. I have to make sure the decision gives me inner peace. :)
• China
28 Nov 07
Hi! It's important to make a decision on one's own. Because everyone has different likes and dislikes. Thanks for sharing.
@KrauseHome (34186)
• United States
29 Nov 07
Well, since I am now Married, and Happily so, usually when it comes to something as important as a job and money I always discuss this with my husband. A lot of it anymore is limited due to I choose not to drive, and the distance I would have to travel along with what the job would entail. I have some Medical issues that limit me from sometimes getting a better job that is out there, and then the High Gas prices keep me from finding something a little ways away, but for now, I am happy with where I am at, and find a lot of joy and friends there as well.
• India
29 Nov 07
i always prefer your view.when u choose a answer the answer come from your mind.and i think everybody should get freedom.if u take any wrong choice then its effect your career.u r a student so i think when u take certain steps first u think then give support for your choice.
@kwenge (2491)
• Kenya
28 Nov 07
My parents made choices for even after i cleared high school, though they did not choose the subjects I did. They choose the career am taking now and I did not oppose because i know they knew and have more experience than I had. Now that my career is up and am fully grown to make my own decision, I can now change careers if I want. I dont regret letting them choose for me because i was young, innocent and naive. Thanks for sharing. happy posting dear friend.