Do flash cards really help children learn?

United States
November 26, 2007 4:50am CST
For years I was convinced that flash cards were nothing more than a waste of time. That is, until I had a kid of my own and tried to teach her simple math concepts. Not the easiest job in the world. We were having a real hard time getting the numbers concepts across and then we tried flash cards. They really worked. Within a week, our little girl was counting to twenty and higher and doing simple math problems. It's still an on going process, but I'm hoping that flash cards work for subtraction, multiplication and other types of math. I guess what they say about kids learning through repetition is true. Now, if I can just find some to help her learn to read. Has flash cards helped your child learn math or reading concepts more easily? What techniques or tools did you use to help your child learn basic math skills? Please share.