do you think its fair...

@figuah (82)
November 26, 2007 5:59am CST
that my boss gets paid more then me even if she allways has to ask me how things are done,i work in a little printing shop and i got no experience but everything computer and machine related comes natural to me,i know she is the boss but common she barely knows how to use a computer
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• India
26 Nov 07
Well she must be good at something to become the boss. All of us hold grudges against our seniors because they not only earn more, they make us do the dirty thing. But we must remember that whatever positions they have achieved has been due to some effort on their part. The effort may be sincere knowledge, hard work & slogging or plain and simply cheating and oiling your way up. Even cheating and oiling is an art which can be mastered if it does not come naturally to you. You see each one of us have our own way of reaching our goal. All paths are legal as long as it does not harm our conscience. Your boss may even be born or married into the company and you cant grudge her that either. So instead of sulking, try to learn the tricks from her and very soon, you too will become a boss (and have subordinates who will be hating you he he he).
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