Help me increase my alexa rating... tell me how!

November 26, 2007 9:14am CST
Recently, because of another myLotter, I realized the importance of having a high ranked blog. Yesterday it was my mission to learn about improving this. Sadly, my Alexa rating is exactly 3,168,593. I have registered my blog at technorati, skinny and a few other sites that are supposed to help my blog get out there. Any advice is very welcomed!!!!! Please help!
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• United States
26 Nov 07
Alexa ranking is not correct, matter fact it is so off the mark that its funny. It does not display my correct traffic as it has certain countries listed at 4% or 8% for my sites traffic and those counries are actually blocked from my site. Alexa is really useless and why anyone would want to go by it to see what someone elses traffic ranking is I dont understand. Last time I checked alexa they had me at 44% for U.S. visits but the fact is I have very high end tracking and blocking methods I use and 90% of my traffic is U.S. Based.
@chunter (1761)
• Singapore
26 Nov 07
I don't know what that myLotter said to you... And if you have done some research, Alexa rating is not as accurate as one would think it to be....Simply because, Alexa rating is based on the number of visitors who have installed Alexa toolbar...And not all users install this toolbar and visit sites... You can only use this as a guide... How to get high ranked blog? Build good content, traffic and readship....As to how to do it, you have to research yourself...No one can tell you how to do it...and there's no one way to doing it either..
• Canada
26 Nov 07
Thank you for your response. I understand how Alexa works, but I want to build up my rating. I guess what I'm asking is where are the best places to build up my traffic then? I have over 80,000 links in so that sounds pretty good. I will keep looking. Thank you again.