What can I do?

November 26, 2007 11:31am CST
My husband is over weight for many years. We have been always trying to lose his weight from we knew each other.but the fact is that he is still fat but I am thiner than before.I really know that he has tried his best and he also feel sad.the problem is he can't insist. what can I do to help him?
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• India
27 Nov 07
Hello kimeyes, Dont get worried over your husband's weight.Some times Genetical factors play major game in this. What ever trails you make, if it is genetical factor, it is difficult to reduce weight. As long as your husband is heathy and active forget about his weight. Further please note, that you should not talk about his over weight frequently with him, because if he start worry on that, that it self will become a cause for more increase in weight. so, stop talking to him on his weight. Even if he himself rise about his ovewrweight, tell him not to get worried and it will reduce by itself. Encourage his self confidence on weight reducing activities. I am sure one day he will start reduce his weight. Good luck.
• China
28 Nov 07
Thanks for your suggestion.Before this year,I didn't pay much attention on his weight.This year he always feels uncomfortable and the doctor thinks that the problem is caused by his weight.So I must take care and try to help him lose weight.Indeed ,I need note the way.I shouldn't talk too much about his weght.It's a kind of pressure to him and to me.
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• Canada
26 Nov 07
He has to want to do it for himself. I am fat and I know the only way to lose weight is to set my mind to it. If the fattening food isn't in the house I don't eat it so maybe you can help by keeping fatty foods out of the house. Other than that just being there and supporting his efforts will help, I think. But I am not much of a judge as I can't control myself most days.
• China
28 Nov 07
Thank you for your response.You nearly can't find any fatty food in the house.When I want to get some ,I go out by myself.hehe...But I found that it is not the problem.I made a record for period of time.At that time ,he ate almost the same to me .He got 5kg and I kept the same as before.I feel that it's too hard for him.
• United States
5 Feb 08
i have seen this break up marriages..the husband had health problems..and finally he could not get out of bed and he lost a leg due to diabetes..he was a big man and even I could not easily transfer him from bed to a chair.. the wife had to put him in nursing home..as she had diabetes too and she could barely take care of her self.. my wife is less then half my size and she told me if something happened to me she would have to do the same..so i got back to diet and exercise..as my folks both passed away in a nursing home..it is not a good place to live...believe me..but tough love sometimes is the only answer ..good luck motivating your husband..